aReview has stop updating changes in layout and giving high cpu load


I have been using aReview from long time ago,
Recently i have notice high CPU load i talk to my server provider they told that’s a code on WordPress and then today i was putting my ads using a plugin they did not show up and tried to use an other one all the same result.
So after i have changes the theme the CPU load got down and the ad plugin has worked perfectly.
That problem has appeared after i have changed my domain name
Help me as fast as possible,
Thanks in advance,


Hello Jim,

Did you try to reinstall the theme?

Kind Regards, Roman.


yes i have tried but when i do all the settings still the same like for example i have changed the colors and they are still the same as i have put them they are not back to default


Hello Jim,

Settings are the same because they are stored in the database, and not in the theme folder.

Can you please also try to deactivate all your plugins except recommended and see if it helps?

Kind Regards, Roman.