Archives incomplete

I just switched over to the Alizee theme and I noticed that my archives are incomplete. It only goes from June 2013 to February 2015. I am missing my posts from the rest of 2013 and all of 2012. I’m also not seeing these posts in my dashboard. I’m not sure if your archive is a widget or a plugin, as I can’t seem to access it to change the dates in either area. But still not sure why my dashboard is off? Can you help?

Scroll to the bottom of my homepage to see archives:



We don’t have an archive widget in Alizee, nor do we do anything archive related. And you haven’t posted your link:)


Thank you for your reply. Isn’t “Archives” part of the theme design? For me, it appears if you click the + in the right top corner. I don’t want a sidebar so I added it to the footer. Regardless, it’s an abbreviated list. What you see is June 2013-February 2015. My others posts, from the rest of 2013 and all of 2012 are not listed nor can I find them on my dashboard. Many thanks for your continued help and my apologies for not including the link before, as I thought I did. Here it is again:

Nope, Archives is a default Wordpress widget.
You should probably try switching to another theme for a bit so you can confirm if the issue is caused by Alizee or not.


Last question. If I do that, will I lose the customization I’ve put into Alizee when I switch back?

Many thanks!

Nope, customizations are written in the database.