Archive pagination

I’m checking out Fashionistas and I love it.
I encountered an issue with custom post type archives. When I hit on “previous” instead of a second page I get a 404. It works well with regular post categories.
What do you think?

Have you try to update your permalinks via Administration > Settings > Permalinks
can you post the URL of your site?

Yes, I tried. And no, it’s a local install.

If it helps to diagnose, it’s the main custom type archive that behaves that way. The archive for a custom type taxonomy works well.

It certainly has to do with permalinks, because when switching to “default” everything works well. All other standard permalink options lead to a 404 for page 2.


Please disregard. I’ve found the problem.

I’m using Types plugin to create the custom post types. There’s a setting (/options/pages) on the custom post type settings that needs to be checked in order for pagination to work.

Hope this helps anybody else with the same problem.