Apply hover effect (like in projects portfolio) on oteher items


I am using the Sydney theme, love it.

I have som images that link to sub-pages that I would like to add different color hover effects to.

Is it possible to apply the same hover effects as on the projects portfolio in your sydney-demo on other items just by adding a css-class to the item?

Thank you

Hello there,

Please share the page URL where you insert your image links, so I can be more exact.



On top of the page there is a row of 3 dummy images, I would like to make different color hover effect on each one, and make title/or link text show on hover.

The page is totally under construction and right now I’m trying out different solutions…

Thanks for taking time!

Hello there,

By default, the SiteOrigin Image widget doesn’t have such that feature. Alternatively, you would use other image widget like this one.


Thank you for your answer :slight_smile:

You’re welcome and best wishes!