Another how to

Dear Vlad,

There is a big space between the bottom of main menu and page title and also between last line of page text and the footer. Is there anyway to reduce the size (height) of these two empty spaces? As always all your kind help and hints are highly appreciated.


You can reduce the margin at the top by adjusting this:

.site-content {
   margin-top: 60px;

At the bottom you have like 10 empty paragraphs which are causing the whitespace. You need to remove them from the page editor.

Pile of thanks Vlad! Top space was reduced with your assistance like shelling peas but about footer space I’m talking about:

and I assure you there’s no paragraphs after the very last line of the page :wink:

Not sure where that screenshot is from, but I’m looking at the front page and I see empty paragraphs: I also see empty p’s on the news page and about page, I’m guessing there are present on other pages as well. Make sure you check your pages with the HTML editor. If they’re not there, then something else is adding them for some reason.

You are absolutely right sir. I’ve got empty lines/paragraphs on those pages but for example would you please check this page or the one in the picture?

Well, that’s the default bottom margin. You can modify the 60px value:

.hentry {
   margin: 0 0 60px;

Fantastic! Thanks again and again and again and …