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I’m working with West Pro locally and won’t be able to make it live. I was wondering about the animated text in the West Pro demo in the header. How do I get the slider to work alongside animated text like in West Pro’s demo? In the demo, I see the slider at work and also some animated text sliding across the screen. Is that something I build using only West Pro, or do I need another plug-in for that or some pieces of code. Currently, if I’ve gotten the slider to work great, however, only my website logo and name is displayed. If I disable the slider, my site resembles West, with the text showing, however not animated. If only you could point me in the right direction, I can research it from there. Brand new to web development. Thanks!

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That was built by using the Crelly Slider plugin. You should need to install it first. Go to Appearance > Install Plugins.

Currently we don’t have a tutorial on how to replicate the slider with some animated texts as seen on our demo site. I’d suggest you to read this plugin’s documentation page, then start to build your own. I thought it’s easy to follow.

To display the slider, go to Appearance > Customize > Header Area > Crelly Slider. Put your Crelly Slider alias in the provided field.

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Thank you! Makes perfect sense, you have been most helpful.

But that leads to one more question. If I don’t use the krelly slider, athemes has two buttons in the header that can be customized in the West Pro options under buttons. But, if I enable the slider, I have to create buttons within the slider (the West Pro Demo shows a button in the slider). What is the best way to do that, considering there are several css and html files being used (bootstrap’s, athemes’, and krelly slider’s custom css option, as well as any custom css I want to put into wordpress)? Does that makes sense? Essentially, with the West Pro demo, how did you guys go about creating buttons in the Krelly Slider? Any help is appreciated.

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We have a quickstart guide for Crelly with some code snippets here:

You guys are awesome! Thanks Vlad and kharisblank. Totally helped me out here.

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