Animated Text Speed

Hey there,

Wondering how to increase the speed of the homepage text animation with Intro using a child theme. I already recreated the js directory, added a copy of typed.js, and tried increasing:

   $.fn.typed.defaults = {

        strings: ["These are the default values...", "You know what you should do?", "Use your own!", "Have a great day!"],

        // typing speed

        typeSpeed: 900,

but that didn’t seem to affect anything.

Thank you!

Hi there,

And sorry for late response.

typed.js script is just full script, and actually minified one is called from scripts.js but child theme cannot inherit js files, and it can only override wordpress template and template parts and script call can be changed only if functions is pluggable and this one is not, so best way is to modify this inside script.js file inside parent theme.

Alternatively you can try to remove it from child theme with this function and then to add it again from child theme functions.php but since it is very small change it is easier to change it in parent theme and to keep modified file on local and to overwrite it again after each theme update.

All the Best!