Animated text header

How can I install the animated text header on the welcome area of Moesia?

Hi, please be more specific with you question. Wich text animation you want to add to welcome area and wich text on that area?

so we can provide you proper solution with a code you should use.


There is an animated text on Intro that says HELLO WELCOME TO INTRO and then HELLO ENJOY YOUR STAY.

I’d like to replace that with the welcome message on Moesia which says MOESIA Welcome to our site. Feel free to look around!

Please let me know if you need further information.

Hi, Oren, i´d like to use too the animated text of Intro (HELLO WELCOME TO INTRO) in the header of Sydney theme (Welcome to Sydney)…is this possible? Maybe in the Pro version?

How do I get the animated text and header buttons on intro theme? I’ve tried everything I read all the forum posts, watched the tutorial videos , but do not know how to do. Please someone help me .