Animated text and buttons

Good night! I really liked the intro free theme of your business but I can not work with it and would love to be able to use your theme. I can not put the main image (the demo is the plane) or animated text and buttons after the animated text. I can not do any of that. I have already installed the necessary plugins, I’ve read all the messages in the forum and do not know what else to do. I put the text in the header area in personalizing but nothing appears. I’m working on the local server. Does the problem is this ?

for the animiated text, you can put your own text and your button from appearance > customize > header area.

Julu , I’ve done this, but nothing appears :frowning:

July , I’ve done this, but nothing appears :frowning:

Hi can you take a screenshots for this section? “appearance > customize > header area”

Sorry, Awan . I have difficulty in English.

I’ve done what you said in appearance. I lay there the text, but it does not appear in the header. I put the text of buttons and nothing appears too.

Thank you very much for your help , but do not know what else to do . I think I’ll have to change the subject , unfortunately , because really enjoyed this .