Animated Strings

Hey there,

I’m kind a beginner on wordpress and my first experience is being on Intro theme from you guys (so far, loving it!)

But… what I am doing it wrong that the animated strings on banner message does not work as expected? My strings does not animated as it is suppose to be. I appreciate any feedbacks!

Thanks in advance!

Forget about it friends, all my fault. Didn’t noticed that the animated strings should be in the format below!

[“string one”, “string two”]

everything working now! sorry!! (feel free to delete this post)

I just installed it last night and it’s not working for me either. I have tried with and without quotation marks. It’s not working.

Instead of strings, a true example would be “make coffee”, “serve breakfast”. Do we need to include the brackets on the end?

Got it! I was missing the brackets. All fixed!

Hi guys! I have a question. How and where can I modify animated strings on a page. I want that those animated strings will be showing a little bit down not at the center of the page.

Thank you very much!

ok I found it…

on line 782–> top:80%;

Thank you anyway!