"Animated string" should be animated for only one time


is it possible, that the “animated string” stops after the first animation?


  • You enter the site.
  • The “animated string” writes “Hello, I am frigge” for one time.
  • And then the String “Hello, I am frigge” is fixed!

I find the animated string is a very great eye catcher, but it’s a little bit annoying, when the string is permanent animated

Thanks for your support!

Hello Frigge,

You can try to stop the the animation by edit javascript file. You can find the script in “js/custom.js”. Search this string typedStrings on those file (ctrl+F) and change the value of loop from true to false. It’s placed below typedStrings

Hi Awan,

I tested your answer and it works like I expected :smiley:
Many thanks for this!

Another question: Is there anywhere a documentation available for Intro with more details?
I found this (https://athemes.com/documentation/intro), but it’s a little bit less :wink:

Best regards


Yeah, that was the official documentation of this theme, nothing else.

Feel free to ask to the forum if you need help :slight_smile: