Anchors on home page

Hi there,
I’ve tried various tips I’ve found in this forum but nothing seems to be working for me. I’m trying to make my menu point to the various items on the home page but am not sure where to point the menu to or how to put anchors into the different widgets. It worked for the first one, ‘About’, but can’t work it out for the others.
Many thanks in advance!

Hi Asha,

you can follow this link to have link that pointed to the specific section on your front page

Hi Awan,
I followed those steps when I did the ‘about’ link, but it doesn’t work with the other links/sections on the home page. Also, the Download page will be separate to the home page and when you click on the About link on the menu from that page, it doesn’t work. Any thoughts?

Hi again,
I just fixed some aspects, but still have 2 problems:

  1. When clicking on the menu items ‘about’, ‘map’ or ‘contribute’ it scrolls to the right area then jumps down a little below the Heading. Can you suggest how to fix it so that when clicking on the menu, you’re brought to the top of the relevant section?

  2. If you click on the ‘download’ menu item, which brings you to a separate page, from that page clicking on ‘about’, ‘map’ or ‘contribute’ in the menu again doesn’t do anything. Are you able to tell me what I may have done wrong there?

Many thanks,

I changed some things myself so I don’t need to have a separate page.
Thanks anyway.

Great! so I can change this thread’s status as resolved then :slight_smile:

yup! thanks