Anchor Tags - Intro

I would like my contact button to anchor to the contact form on the same page, i can’t seem to figure out the anchor.

You need to add #post-500 for the button URL.

#post where “post” would be (for me) < ? because i tried that and it’s not working.

No, that’s the actual ID I got from your page and it generated by the plugin you’re using for the contact form. So use it exactly like this #post-500

I truly do not intend to be a pain, as this is the only issue i’ve had with this amazing theme, but it’s not scrolling down after being clicked.

You have a trailing slash in your link after you hit the button. You should remove it. Also, it won’t scroll down, it will just jump down. If you want it to scroll you can get the latest version of the theme which was also approved on

That works, thank you Vlad!

I just upgraded my site to the latest version in order to get the scrolling effect but its not working. Also the new version has introduced dividers between every section which wasn’t there before. I’ve made them a greenish color to try to blend with the site a little but I really need to get rid of those dividers how can I go about doing that?

Also how can I active the scrolling effect for the anchor tags? I checked all the settings and couldn’t find anything about it. Thanks

Yeap, scrolling effects were removed temporarily in the version you have because they weren’t working properly. Last version of the theme (which was also approved on and will be live soon) is here. It includes some more changes and this will be the definitive version (which we will obviously update after it goes live if stuff need to be fixed).

I had the latest version but my web host restored my site to a backup I had with the older version before you replied. I couldn’t leave the site messed up for long. In the latest version the scrolling anchor links weren’t working unless there’s something extra I was supposed to do to activate it? Also the latest version created thick dividers between the different rows. Even after restoring the backup I’m still seeing the dividers. Can you see them as well? If so how do I get rid of them?

Not really sure what dividers you’re seeing. I updated the demo site to the latest version as well and there are no dividers. I’m talking about version 1.05, you have 1.03.

Smooth scrolling wasn’t added at the moment, sorry, I was thinking of something else. But there are plugins that do this.

One thing that you need to change if you update to 1.05 is to switch your front page template to Business. The reviewer didn’t like that we called it Front Page so we had to change the name.

When I go to the site I see white bars in between the rows. I didn’t have any bars between them before I updated.

I was on 1.0.5 until I asked my web host to restore the backup I had using 1.0.3 which is why you now see 1.0.3 but I did have 1.0.5 for a little while and during that time I got the white bars and my logo also disappeared in safari with the top bar becoming really big.

One thing I’ve noticed as well is that the top bar kicks in as soon as the site loads instead of when I scroll down. Maybe it’s just happening to me I don’t know.

Not sure I understand anymore. At this moment, with 1.03 activated, you see those white bars on your site? I’m not seeing them and I checked your site in all browsers.

The top bar is indeed showing up as soon as the page loads in the latest version. People were using light logos and text on top of light images so the visibility was poor so we made this change.

Yes with 1.0.3 I see the white bars. I’d post a screenshot but I’m using my phone right now.

I noticed that feature for the top bar in the new version but now in 1.0.3 it’s still doing it for me. Maybe it’s a cache issue or something though I’m sure I wiped the cache earlier. Its probably something on my end since you’re not seeing it I hope its just me I don’t want others having a bad experience.

Yeah, you probably have a caching issue. The top bar thing couldn’t be there because it didn’t exist in 1.03. Here are screenshots of what I’m seeing:

Top bar:
No white stripes:

I made a change in the footer.php and now the site is looking how it should in Chrome and Firefox but in Safari its not showing my logo in the top bar. Here’s some screenshots.

I’ve cleared all website data in Safari and it still looks like that.

Yeah, I don’t see it either in a very old version of Safari for Windows. What Safari are you using?
I see your logo is svg. Try switching to png or something. It’s the only thing I can think of at the moment.