Anchor tag bug

during the theme setup and testing the demo page, as well, I found a strange behaviuor of the theme. When I use links with anchor tags to jump to different sections of the page, those sections get a strange blue border,

Example on your demo page:

After clicking away(outside of the particular section) the border disappears. Clicking back makes the border reappear.

I’ve been looking for some :active and :focus css definitions but unsuccessfully. Is it possible to get rid of this style?



It’s not a bug. And you assumed correct, it is :focus. Only it is not defined from the theme, it’s the default browser behaviour.

You can remove it like this:

:focus {
   outline: 0;

Thanks Vlad for your quick response. I’ve just never met with this behaviour ever before. I’ve just learnt something new today. Thanks again :slight_smile: