Anchor points problem

I wanted to add anchor point on specific topics across the website.

When I do as the tutorial shows, by adding the ‘#idname1’ on the custom link URL, it works fine and the site smooth scrolls down towards the right section.
HOWEVER, when I change to another page and click on the custom link menu button again, it doesn’t work. (It searches for the ‘#idname1’ on that page, instead of the main menu).

I “fixed” this by completing the custom link URL with ‘’, but this removes the smooth scroll effect that I want, and instead it instantly locks on the section abruptly, which is not as elegant. so you can see what I mean, the button on the header does the smooth scroll, but the buttons on the menu pop into the sections.
Thank you for your time in advance.

Hello Severance,

Please try to install and activate Surbma – Smooth Scroll plugin.

Kind Regards, Roman.

Problem has been fixed expertly, thank you very much!

You are welcome Severance!

And have a nice day :slight_smile:

Kind Regards, Roman.