Anchor link behavior adjustment?


Love the Moesia Pro theme. Using it more and more every day. Also, once I got the hang of the revolution slider I’m now totally addicted to the whole package. Nice work.

Here’s my question…
I’ve set up a couple anchor links for a client on their “About” page and found that the links cause the page to scroll to the correct location–but it ignores the relatively thick menu bar and some of the information that I wanted to show when people click on the anchor link appears behind (covered by) the menu bar. Is it possible to adjust the anchor link behavior so that the page scrolls in such a way that the target destination of the link is positioned just beneath the menu bar, instead of just beneath the top of the browser window (behind the menu bar)?

If you click on the “project advisors” link here: you’ll see that the top few lines of that section are behind the menu bar. How can I force the anchors to be smart about a variably thick menu bar?

Thanks for your assistance!

With appreciation,


Current version is 1.27, you have 1.23 there :slight_smile:
What you’re describing has been added for some time so now every inner-page links scroll just above the target ID.

It’s not only about how thick the menu is, it’s more about that it doesn’t occupy any space in the document because of position: fixed;.