AMP on GreatMag

Hello there, I’m wondering about two ideas. The first is to migrate our web into a WordPress cms. The most likely theme that can fit my need is Greatmag pro. The first question is if is it worth for our website and the second connecting to the first… The reason for migrating is an easier implementation of AMP. And this is the second question - about AMP (Accelerated mobile pages for google) is AMP implementation working well with Greatmag? What could programmer say to this brief. The web is live and going from the very beginning, but as you can see - it deserves some upgrades and we’re thinking about this global change. Thanks for every response! Jozef.

In this post, the easiest way to implement AMP is to use a plugin. As GreatMag and our other themes are coded with WordPress coding standard, I believe that plugin will be easy to configure on our themes.