Alternative Welcome Image on Mobile



Is is possible to specify an alternative welcome image (and possibly even title/desc) for mobile (or < X size). This way, I can use an image more relevant to mobile size rather than only a snippet of my main image.




We actually added this option in both Moesia and Moesia Pro. The new update to Moesia has been submitted to for review and at the moment we’re waiting to hear back from the reviewer.

I’m going to write this here in case anybody else is interested and so I can copy it somewhere else.

The header background image will work in the same manner it’s working now at widths above 1024px. Below 1024px it will switch from being a background image to being an actual element -> this way it will be displayed at full width and a proportional height (so no more full screen, just full width).

What I said above applies to the header image you’ve already uploaded. Now, the thing is that iPhones don’t display very large images, therefore we provided another option located in Customizer > Header Image that lets you upload a smaller version of your header image (or a completely different image if you want) that will be displayed at small widths. In this way you’ll be certain that it will display properly on iPhones and you will also save some bandwidth for your visitors.

In short, when the update is live, do this:

  • check your site on an iPhone, see if the header image displays.
  • if it does -> do nothing;
  • if it doesn’t -> go to Customizer > Header Image and upload a smaller image from the last option found there.
  • even if it your original image displays on iPhones, you can upload a smaller image for better mobile performance.


Great stuff - thanks Vlad!