Alternate Layout for Archive pages


Is is possible for Archive pages to have the masonry layout presented on the home page?


Nope, sorry.


Hmm. Would it not be possible to borrow the look settings from the home page layout and create an alternative archive.php in a child theme folder?


Of course it would be possible, we’re actually doing that in the pro version. I just meant that there isn’t a built-in option to do it. Sorry for being unclear.


Cool. Is that feature available now in the pro theme? If so, I’ll just buy it.


Yeah, it’s always been available. I activated now, it uses the same layout that you use for your home page:


Thanks. But the link you sent me to does not show the masonry layout that is on the home page…


Yeah, cache issues caused by W3 Total Cache. I was logged in and was seeing it right. Have a look now please.


I hate it when that happens! Thanks! Works perfectly.


Cool. Let me know if there’s anything.