Allign images with each other

Hi there!

First of all, amazing wp template guys, well done!

Im trying to allign the images and text that can be found under the header, so that they are all at the same level, but I don’t know how to proceed. I tried with the plugins, but none of them fits here, so I am writing the code directly with the SiteOrigin Editor. I also divided each group of image and text with the Page Builder.

Here is the page:
Thank you for your help, have an amazing day!



Did you mean this if yes, you can keep using the widget but then you need to add the css code below into “Customize > Additional CSS” to set the fix height of the title block.

.textwidget h1.tinytitle {
    height: 40px;

Also, seems like your 2nd and 3rd post has a break line/white space. Please remove it from the text editor.


Thanks Awan, that worked! Im trying to do the same with the buttons below, but I can’t. Could you also help me with them? That’d be great!

Here the buttons I mean:

Done already, I created a new class for the text and gave a height, same as you recommended with the title. Thanks!! :slight_smile: