All static page website

I am trying to build an exclusively static page website with Sydney. How do I remove all blog stuff (RECENT COMMENTS ARCHIVES CATEGORIES, etc.)from my pages?

I have made them static pages but the blog stuff still appears.

My website is being built for now with WAMP, so I can’t provide a link to it.

Hi, have you set static front page from Appearance > Customise > Static Front Page (for Posts page dropdown you can leave it with - Select - if you dont want blog on any page)? Also set Template to Front Page for page you choose to be your Static front page.

I have “A static page” selected on a page which still shows the blog verbiage:

Your theme supports a static front page.

Front page displays
Your latest posts

    A static page

I think you’re referring to the widgets. You can remove them from Appearance > Widgets.

I’ve removed the widgets and the blog stuff is now gone from the right. But 2 problems remain:

  1. There is a giant white space where the widgets had been. Coupled with almost no padding for the text top and left, makes this white space looks like a big mistake.

  2. Still remaining directly under the text is this blog stuff with a post button below. How do I remove this stuff.

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Finally, perhaps there is a better choice for a theme for a static page website than Sydney. If so, so you have any recommendations?


Hi, just set Template to Full Width for your pages and white space will be gone.

Settings > Discussion > uncheck "Allow people to post comments on new articles"
This applies to new posts that you will publish from now on.

To disallow comments from already publish posts:
Edit page > Screen Options(at the top) > tick Discussion.
Now at the bottom of your page you will have option - Allow comments (untick).

Thank you. I don’t want any posts or anything to do with posts ever on this site. It’s strictly a static page site. Who do I completely remove all of this blog-related stuff?

Well that’s about it. You turned off comments, widgets are removed, you don’t use blog page, I can’t remember of anything else since WP started as blogging platform :slight_smile:

If you run into something else, feel free to post here.

Not sure if you’ve seen the demo or the documentation. I belive the demo shows pretty clearly what you can achieve and from what I understand, it should suit your needs.
Please note that stuff like those that dimikjones took the time to explain don’t have much to do with the theme.