All my page content has disappeared

I was inputting a new code widget and after I uploaded it, all my page content except for two pages and all of my sidebar widgets has disappeared. All of the content and widgets are still in my dashboard and website building area but they will not display on the site.

Web link

Hello @jray7,

It looks like you have already resolved your issue, can you please confirm it?

Kind Regards, Roman.

No, I haven’t, I had to switch to a different theme. Then recreate majority of the layout of my site. If I switch the theme back to hiero it’s all messed up and not how I had arranged it over the last 7 months. I’m not sure how it got as it has but it was fairly frustrating putting in so much work for it to just mess up as it did.


Hello JRay,

Do you still need help?

Kind Regards, Roman.