All in one SEO help

Hello I think this is a Alizee issue.

Ever since I updated to this theme, some of my page titles don’t play well with my settings in All in one seo.

I have quite specific page titles set in my seo.

So for Tag Title Format I have

Micropoetry about %tag% | %blog_title%

here’s an example that works…

However my Author Archive Title Format is %author%'s Post | %blog_title%

This doesn’t work

And my posts and pages don’t work either. My posts should be
%post_title% | Micropoetry -

Can you loo at ths please



Just installed AIO SEO on our demo site to check and it seems everything works fine. Here’s an example of a post, the format being %post_title% | %blog_title%. I can change %blog_title% to some static text and it still works fine.

Interesting perhaps it may have something to do with me having a child theme? Off the top f your head what could be causing a conflict with page titles?

oh the pages are working fine, just the posts and authuor pages

It might be one of your other plugins. I can’t really know. Try disabling them one by one and see if it works.

I installed Yoast instead and this has seemed to fix the ssue