Alizee theme sticks on windows mobile due to custom scroller

Hi Guys.

First of all, thanks for this theme and my compliments. It looks great.

I noticed however that on my windows mobile (Lumia) phone every page just sticks i.e. no scrolling.

I thought that it was something to do with my site and the plugins I was using, but then I viewed the Alizee demo site on my windows phone and exactly the same problem is evident there, so clearly it’s a problem with the theme itself.

Having looked through ALL the forum posts using the search term “mobile” (and that’s a lot!) fortunately in the end I came across one post “IE Windows Mobile Bug” ( where you said:

"Could you please go to Appearance > Customize > General and disable the custom scroller?

We’ve had some reports that the custom scroller doesn’t work on Windows phones."

This worked but of course the website loses the beauty of the custom scroller effect, and I really don’t want to lose this just for the sake of how it might look on Windows Mobile which, sadly, is still a minority platform.

So I wonder, did you ever come across a better solution for this problem i.e. one that doesn’t require the custom scroller to be disabled?

As a temporary measure I can utilise the Mobile module in Jetpack, which at least makes the site viewable in Windows Mobile, but that is quite an ugly solution.

Any advice would be welcome.