Alizee Pro: Yoast SEO cause an error


Hello, thank you for the wonderfull theme.
Since a few weeks the plugin “Yoast SEO” caused an error message in the backend: When I choose “Design/customiser” I can’t see my Website. A error message appears instead:

XML-Verarbeitungsfehler: unerwarteter Parser-Status Adresse: jar:file:///C:/Program%20Files%20(x86)/Mozilla%20Firefox/browser/omni.ja!/chrome/browser/content/browser/aboutNetError.xhtml Zeile Nr. 447, Spalte 68:
<div id=“ed_connectionFailure”>&connectionFailure.longDesc;</div>

The error message disappears and Alizee Pro ist works without error, when I disable the plugin “Yoast SEO”.

This is my blog:

Can you help?

Thank you, Myriam