Alizee Pro Not in Downloads List


Where’s the download? I have a developer license and should have every Athemes theme in my list. But Alizee Pro isn’t in the list. I’ll also obviously need the key and Documentation. Help?


Folks, I really need an answer here. You’re advertising a theme that there’s no avenue to get to. Links are broken. Artifacts are missing. The “Alizee Pro” site is pointing to a “Leto” theme.

This is extremely unprofessional and absent minded. I need an answer immediately please.


Hi there,

I am sorry for the inconvenience. We will check the issue and get back to you immediately.



We recently retired Alizee Pro as it was our oldest theme and we wanted to put our resources elsewhere. We will have new and better blog themes coming out soon.



I can respect that. However, someone needs to do their due diligence and remove if from any and all public areas ASAP!!!

I have a client that chose that theme. As my developers began the project, they found everything to be utterly broken. That’s just not good! Please remedy immediately!

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