Alignment of element under header

Dear Support,

I am displaying a plugin directly beneath the header and I’d like the logo to overlay the plugin marquee.

This works fine in Chrome but doesn’t in Firefox and I hope that you can advise how I can make it work in Firefox so that it moves up directly beneath the blue header bar behind the logo.


Many thanks,



If you ask me it’s actually Firefox that works correctly in this case.
Anyway, give this a shot:

.header-wrap {
    height: 250px !important;
    overflow: hidden;

Play with the height, maybe even run some media queries for it.

Hi Vlad,

Thank you for your reply.

That worked but it made the menu cut off part way down, basically to the height set as 250px above.

I’ve set it to a height of 800px to make sure that everything fits in. Is there a problem with setting the height like this or is there a way of setting it to say ‘accommodate any height’ as 100% didn’t seem to work.




I have found a problem with making the .header-wrap so high, it gets in the way so that when you click in the content of the page, it thinks you’re clicking on the .header-wrap and not any links in the page. So you can’t select links because .header-wrap is in the way.

Is there perhaps a way of making the image marquee appear beneath the logo butted up against the header so that a header-wrap height doesn’t need to be specified?

If it’s Firefox that is working properly and Chrome that isn’t, do you know what Chrome is doing that we can make Firefox do as well?



Ah, I didn’t notice the very long submenu from the School menu item.

Try this instead:

.site-header.fixed {
      position: absolute;
table {
     margin-top: 65px;

Your plugin only adds the table without any class or id. You should wrap it in something and target that instead of table.

Hi Vlad,

That’s perfect.

Great themes and great support, thank you very much indeed.