Align Portfolio in Sydney


I want to align the porfolio images in the front page but I only have 4 projects, so there is a white hole on the right side.

I want it to extend the four images along the row but I don’t know how or if it’s possible.

Here is a link of the problem.

Thanks in advance.

Hello there,

Please try doing the below steps:

  1. Install and activate the TC Custom JavaScript plugin
  2. Go To Appearance > Custom JavaScript
  3. Paste the following code into the provided box

  if ( matchMedia( 'only screen and (min-width: 768px)' ).matches ) {


      var projItem        = $(this).find('.project-item ');
      var itemCount       = projItem.size();
      var itemWidthTotal  = projItem.width()*itemCount;
      var visibleSpace    = $(this).width()-itemWidthTotal;
      if(itemCount < 5 && itemWidthTotal < $(this).width()){
          'margin-left': visibleSpace/2+'px'



  1. Update

Let me know how it goes.


It works perfect!

Thank you so much

You’re welcome!

Please let us know in a new topic if you have any further questions, or if we can provide you with any other assistance.