Align horizontally all items in navbar

Hi !
I am trying to align my logo with the other menu items…
When I inspect the navbar style, if I uncheck “flex-wrap: wrap” on the .row class, everything is aligned. But I can’t do this because it affects every row in Bootstrap css…

Moreover, I can’t give you the url of my website, because it’s not online yet, I’m working on my localhost… But I can make screen captures ?

(fyi I’ve already added css in Appearance > Customize in order to make the logo keep the same size while scrolling, I don’t think it had any repercussion on the items’ alignment, but now you know what I added in css)

Can you please help me to fix this issue ? :slight_smile:

Thanks !

And here is what happens when i uncheck flex-wrap…


I don’t think that I can provide much help without a link, unfortunately.

So can you please provide a link to your website when it’s available?

Kind Regards, Roman.
aThemes Support

Yes, i’ll keep in touch, thanks !

Okay, great! And thank you as well :slight_smile: