AJAX file

Hi, I’ve just bought a CDN and my webpage speed skyrocketed. However, the Ajax file seems to be taking quite long to load. What do I do with it? No one could give me an answer to this question and all sent me to my developer…


P.S I have disabled the WP Heartbeat with a plugin recently but it doesn’t help…

If some one could login to my WP and check the whole theme, that would be perfect. I’ve been getting 10 secs load time before the CDN. That’s a bit weird. Now it’s a bout 1-3 secs, which is still a lot in my humble opinion.

I installed HeartBeat Control (wp plugin) but it doesn’t seem to be helping a lot… or I shell say at all.


What ajax file are you referring to and what is your link?
There isn’t any kind of ajax code in the theme though.

It must be in the WP Core, as far as I could understand from the web. The thing is though that no one could have helped me so far. And you are the only developer I know…


Well, that file by itself can’t cause too big of an issue. It could be some plugins that you have and they are using the Ajax API.
But anyway, your blog page loads instantly, at least for me.
Only problems you have it that you have a lot of requests to social sites. But there’s not much you can’t do about that other than stop using sharing plugins.
Try to use also W3 Total Cache.

Yes, I am using W3TC with the CDN I bought (followed their instructions for optimal settings). Thanks. It loads fast in real conditions, but on the tests there are some issues with AJAX.php. I’d rather leave all as it is. I re-enabled the Hearbeat control and will leave it as it is (60 seconds, allow only on post edit pages).

I hope this thread is useful for non-coders. If you consider it off topic, please feel free to delete it.

Thank you, Vlad!