Airi Pro - Portfolio (open photos upon clicking)

For my website I would like to create a portfolio with Airi Pro, only I would like the photos to open in their original size upon being clicked. For example:
The bottom portfolio with a simple gallery shows what I mean. When you click the thumbnail, the original photo opens in the same window in a viewer/gallery. Is there a way to do this with the Airi Pro Portfolio?

Thanks in advance!

Hello there,

You would probably be able to achieve it with an extra plugin. I got this one might be what you’re looking for:

aThemes Support

Hi Kharis,

Thank you for replying. Is there no option to do this with the Airi Pro Portfolio, even with additional CSS? I feel silly for not checking but just assuming that this gallery option (opening the photos on clicking) would be a standard option, but as a photographer this feature (which I now realise is not part of the template) of the main reasons I bought Airi PRO.

I tried with the HT-portfolio plugin, bottom gallery shown at and it solved the main problem (which is great), but… it’s not a very easy plugin as I have to make a new Portfolio Page for every single photo which will take up a lot of time compaired to the Airi PRO. Also it’s really a pain to shuffle the order of the photos. And, when I watch the page on my mobile, the photos don’t stay in the same layout as on the computer.

I fixed it using FooGallery, it was one of the only galleries that could easily be used also in Elementor, is adjustable, free & responsive. So this problem is solved, thanks.