Airi Pro License doesn't active

I entered the license key, it doesn’t active.
remove it, save, re-entter it, still doesn’t active.
add it via account page, try demo import, still doesn’t work.

Could you please help to check? How can I send you the login info?

When importing demo, it show error:
An error occurred while fetching file from: !
Reason: 403 - Forbidden.

The site is:

I tried this on another new wordpress installation, it works, so it must be something wrong with this particular wordpress installation.
I have fixed this by overwritten this Wordpress with another one, which is working fine.
I’m still unable to active/deactive the license on this site, but at least it’s working now.

Hello there,

Is that site hosted on different web hosting or server? Please consult to your web hosting support department and check if there’s mechanism that blocking to communicate with our server where licensing system hosted on.

aThemes Support


I purchased the Pro license of Airi and activated it but some of the menu options are greyed out.