Airi Pro Header Menu Colors

I am developing a new website using the Airi Pro Business demo.

When creating new pages (e.g. [hidden] ) the non sticky header menu background color is completely transparent - not the color specified ( rgba(9,33,56,0.72) ).

The template pages provided ( e.g. [hidden] ) do show the correct non sticky menu color.

I have checked the header color settings but cannot figure out why this is happening. Would appreciate it if you could please take a look, the temporary password to enter the site is: airipro

Many thanks.

Update: I have resolved this by adjusting the css:

.menuStyle3:not(.page-template-template_page-builder) .sticky-wrapper .bottom-bar {
    background-color: #my color;

Many thanks!

Further request: I have adjusted the CSS so that the menu bar background color displays as needed across the website, however I now need to add CSS to ensure that just the home page menu bar background is transparent before scrolling. I have used the following CSS which is not working:

.page-id-4 #masthead {
background-color: transparent;

I have also tried:
.menuStyle3. page-id-4:not(.page-template-template_page-builder) .sticky-wrapper .bottom-bar { background-color: transparent;

I would very much appreciate it if you could advise what CSS should be added to change a single page menu header background color?

Many thanks.


I am not able to access your site. The password is not working

Apologies I have changed the password back to airipro. Many thanks, Tracey

Hi, sorry… I still cannot login using that password

Dear Awan many thanks for your reply. I think it will be easier to wait until the website is no longer under construction and is published; then you can view it anytime to assist with the home page menu background css. I will drop you a line when that is done. Kind regards and thank you. Tracey