After theme update header menu became sticky


after theme update my header menu became sticky, i don’t want sticky menu, i want the menu
to disappear when scrolling the page, i checked the settings i can see the sticky option only no more options. please advise.



I am sorry to hear that you’ve been into such that issue. I am happy to help out.

I checked your website and JavaScript error is being shown on my web browser’s console tool. Perhaps that is due to your current child theme ignores the script changes in newer version of the main theme.

The solution to your issue on header part, you’ll need to do these steps:

  1. Edit your Finance child theme’s header.php file
  2. Add <?php wp_body_open(); ?> line right after the body tag opening. For example:
    <body <?php body_class(); ?> <?php sydney_do_schema( 'html' ); ?>>
    <?php wp_body_open(); ?>
  1. Clear cache
  2. Reload your site

Hope this reply helps. Let me know your views.

aThemes Support

Dear Kharis,

Thanks, it is working. one more question regarding the themes version update …
is there any change log published by aTheme so we can see what is the fixes
or new added features ?


You’re welcome!

Glad to know your got the issue on header fixed.

You can find it in this link.

aThemes Support

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