Admin Columns wrong

Hey there,

I have a Talon installation running on where my backend wordpress admin is being shown wrong when I have Talon activated.

I am using a combination of Talon with WPML with the languages English and Dutch activated.

At the backend within my posts and pages my columns are swiped to the side. My titles are being shown in the Date column, my date in my seo, and so on.

All the backend information moved 1 column to the right. I have tested this problem by turning off all the plugins one by one untill the issue was resolved. So when I deactived WPML the columns were showing correctly.

I contacted the WPML support which in return asked me to try with a different theme to see if the issue still was there. So I activated another theme, and this also resolved the issue.

My thoughts are now that it’s perhaps a incompatibility issue between Talon and WPML? However I really need to resolve this because I cannot ditch a plugin which cost nearly 200$ for a lifetime license and I really want to use Talon cause it’s great other than this little backend problem.

Hope you can help me.

Hello there,

Please share the working admin login credentials to to allow me inspecting it directly. Mention the link to this topic in your message body to signal you’ve written this in our support forum.


Hey Kharis,

Send you the credentials and the CSS code I believe is causing the issue, any update on this? It’s been almost a week since I heard from you last.

I would like to apologize in advance for the long delay. I’d like to switch to another theme to see the difference of admin columns. Would you also allow me doing so?


Hey there Kharis, haven’t heard from you in a while either per email or here.
I gave you all the permissions you needed have you found a solution yet?