Adjusting the top section in Sydney Pro

Hi Team,

I am okay with the main picture on the default homepage for Sydney Pro and would like to have it stay as is.

But, for all the other pages, is there a way to remove that top picture?

Please see screenshot of what I would I to have it look like:


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From yor website’s admin area (/wp-admin) visit the Appearance menu on the left hand side, then go to Customize > Header area > Header type. Choose No header (only menu) for Site header type section.

I hope that helps.

aThemes Support

Thanks so much, this works.

Incidentally, with the solution above, I found that quite a bite of white space was left between the top and where the body’s test would start. (it would cause a flickering on the desktop version but not on mobile)

I found that selecting “crelly slider” eliminated that large white space for some reason.

Hope this helps anyone who’s having this issue.

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You ca eliminate the extra space by reducing the top padding setting on Appearance > Customize > General > Page wrapper - top padding.

If this doesn’t help, perhaps it’s related to a specific post/page and I can suggest you with CSS code solution. Can you share a link to your post/page, so I can inspect and get the exact code to suggest?

aThemes Support