Adjusting the header area margins so menu doesn't bleed onto image

thanks for a great theme. I have a really nice header image that spans the entire header area. The menu however, bleeds into the logo making parts of the menu unreadable. Is there a way to add height to the header area so that the menu floats above the header image? This would allow visitors to navigate the site properly. Much thanks!

Hi there,

Could you please to post the URL of your site?



thank you for the Sydney theme, I Have a similar issue.

I will like to move to the left all the menu position, so I can fit all the pages that I want to include.

Could you tell me how I can do it?

Thank you, very much!


I figured out the issue myself. Thanks, all.

nav#mainnav {
margin-top: -17px;

I placed a negative number for the margin.

@lancefreeman Great! and thank you for sharing the solutions here.

@irene maybe you can try the CSS code in above, you can add the code using Custom CSS plugin. if its still not working, please post the URL of your site.

Thanks @awan, I have try to change some of the values of the style.css, for the nav #mainnav, CouldnĀ“t find by the moment how to move the menu to the left to have more space.

Is the alignment where I have to change values?

.alignleft {
display: inline;
float: left;
margin-right: 1.5em;
.alignright {
display: inline;
float: right;
margin-left: 1.5em;

Hello @irene, please post your site URL here, so I can check it further.

@awan, Thank you I have to maintain it private the content. It is just to move the position of the menu to the left. I have been trying but I could change it.

Thank you!