Adjusting responsive width


The entire content on my homepage ( is shrinking way too small (to mobile size once I drag to a little less than 800px roughly). Is it the slider problem? Is there a way to gracefully display a size in between?

Note: The subpage doesn’t seem to show the same problem (

Appreciate the assistance in advance. Thanks!
(not sure how I can send screenshot to show, if I should please provide email address)


Hi Kalen,

I’ve just checked your site and try view both of the link in above using iPhone 5 simulator (screen width is 320px) and all is looks good.

Please share your screenshots to and paste the URL here.


hope this helps. what i referred to, was that the slider (Meta Slider, set to 1080x420) is shrunk to mobile size at around pixel 1191. this makes desktop view a mobile one.

appreciate the help. thanks!


Thank you for the screenshost.
Please try this css code below to fix the issue:

@media only screen and (min-width: 1191px){
  .home .hentry {
    width: 100%;

You can add the css code to the styles.css in your child theme (if any) or you can also use simple custom css plugin.

not quite it doesn’t work. but i managed to tweak other pixels under the responsive section in code and now fixed it. thanks a lot @awan.