Adjusting Projects thumbnail

Hello. Love this theme, thank you all so much for the work and support you put into it, you are very much appreciated.

In the projects section of the theme, on the homepage where the thumbnails are shown, I have some thumbnails of web pages, and the thumbnail created seems to be the media file (picture) cropped to the center. I’d like the thumbnail to crop from the top down (hope this makes sense), so the header of the webpage shows up in the thumbnail, not the mid-body section as it’s now doing. Here’s a link to my site (work in progress) if you’d like to take a look. Thank you all again, blessings to you. :slight_smile:

  • Steve


Sorry, we missed this one. That’s not something that can be changed from the theme’s settings.
If you have a look in functions.php you’ll notice the image sizes set with add_image_size. The Codex explains how you can adjust the cropping position.

Vlad, I updated the functions.php to this:

add_theme_support( 'post-thumbnails' );
add_image_size('project-image', 350, 250, array( 'left', 'top' ) );
add_image_size('moesia-thumb', 750);
add_image_size('moesia-news-thumb', 400);
add_image_size('moesia-employees-thumb', 430);
add_image_size('moesia-clients-thumb', 150);
add_image_size('moesia-testimonials-thumb', 100);

Which I thought would change the crop position for the Projects thumbnail, but it hasn’t seemed to change it. Any ideas?


BTW, anyway I can change my avatar here like you have to the snazzy cat image? Thanks. :wink:

Yeah, you need to also regenerate your thumbnails using one of the many plugins that do this. Sorry, forgot to mention.

The avatar is from gravatar actually. It’s associated with the email address.

Ahh Haa! Purrfect! Thanks Vlad, hope you’re blessed with an awesome day for your help. I’m also going to set up a Gravatar account! :wink: