Adjusting Box Size

Could someone please help me adjusting size of the boxes for quantiy of products and coupon code in my website?

When I try to input the quantity of products I would like to add into my car, the box is too narrow that I cant see the numbers. And same problem occurs at the when I try to check out at Cart.

Hi, you can use these css code below and put it using custom css plugin:

input.input-text.qty.text {
    padding: 2px;

Thank you Awan that solved the problem!
Could you also help me adjusting the size of the box where people would include the Coupon Code?
I want to make the width wider

okay, here you go:

input#coupon_code {
    width: 150px !important;

Thank you so much Awan!
You just made my day!
Hope you have a great one too!

Happy to help :slight_smile: