Adjust pixel ration in header-slider

Is there any chance to adjust the pixel-ratio in the header-slider?
As you can see on:, the image is way to broad!Even if I change the ratio within the picture itself, it still appears too large in the header-slider.

Thanks for your help!


Hello Maxim,

I just looked at your site and saw, that your header slider has a max-width of 50%. Did you wrote this css? I think it should be removed or overwritten with

.header-slider {
  max-width: 100% !important;

But to come to your question, maybe try to set up the image with a width of 1920px and height of 1080px. If the image is just that small as it is now, you can create a image with the size of 1920*1080px with a white background and paste in your image in a programm like Photoshop or GIMP.

I also noticed that your header image on the other sites with the tennis balls is pretty the same color as the links are, they are hard to read.

Best regards,

Did exactly as described! Created a new image via photoshop, but this time with only 610px (width) and 500px (height). It looks better now, but I still don’t have the full image visible! I thought I could change this in the style.css file with only 50%?! But that didn’t work either. Do you have an idea, how I make the full image visible in the header-slider?

Thanks a lot for your help!

I see you fixed your issue?

Not really. The image is still only the upper half! You can’t see the bottom of the image (e.g. legs). So how can I make the full image visible?

Thanks again!

It’s because your image has weird height and width. Instead of 610500 you need 19201080. Otherwise your image can’t be displayed right.
Please try it with the new width and height.