Address, Telephone and Contact Form

Nice to meet you Vlad,
I am a newby in this adventure, so I will higly appreciate your help.
My question at this very moment is that I can´t find the plugins or widgets where I can include details like address, telephone, country,ZIP Code.
And also I don´t see a Contact form for my visitors.
Can you please give me your guidance on this?
Thank you,

P.S. My Site address is :


We have a contact widget in the theme which you can find if you search for Contact Info in Appearance > Widgets. It might suit your needs.
For contact forms you’ll need to use a plugin like Contact Form 7, we don’t provide contact forms in the theme as it wouldn’t make much sense to do so.

Thank you Vlad for your prompt reply.
I ´ll follow your instructions and let you know.

Vlad, I did not find any Contact Info alternative under widgets.
The alternatives that I could find are:
Custom Menu
Recent Comments
Recent Posts
Tah Cloud
Inactive Sidebar (Not Used)
Inactive Widgets

But no Contact Info. Maybe it is hidden in one of these widgets?

Another question. I installed the Calentar Widget, but I don´t know how to make that the current date (I.e. today 27) is highlited. You only can see a static calendar. Can it be improved?

And also regarding the calendar it went automatically to the bottom of the page. Is it possible to show it more above and not in a so lost place?

Thanks again,

Sorry, my mistake. Forgot to mention that the contact info only shows up if the page builder is active (e.g. like on our demo page). No point in installing the page builder if you don’t need it though.

The calendar doesn’t come from the theme, it’s a default WP widget. I’m sure you can find more advanced ones if you need them. You can add the widget to the sidebar instead of the footer if you want.

Thanks again dear Vlad,
I will follow your guidances.