Addition of Call-to-action Button

Hello to all those expert out there,

I would like to add brand new call-to-action button. Is it possible?
Like maybe have 2 or 3 for the About section

Thanks and best regards!

I asked myself the same question.
and can we add a button + action in the contents of a page?
Thanks for your help.
Best regards.


You can add call to action button to the section using siteorigin button widgets from pagebuilder.

  1. Add/edit page
  2. add row (you can have more than one column)
  3. add widget to the row / column and choose siteorigin button

Hi, Thank you for your answer Awan.
“Site Origin” plug-in will give me the same button used from my Wordpress Theme “Quill” ?
Kind regards.

Not sure, but you can copy and paste the css code from the theme style