Adding thumbnails to the prev/next post navigation


I really need to be able to add thumbnails to the prev/next post navigation as I strongly believe this could be used to improve my site’s bounce rate.

I read in a previous post by kharisblank that this is an advanced task. I the meantime, I would be grateful if you can put me through as I have a handful of strategies dependent on this.

I wouldn’t want to remove the navigation feature. Kindly let me know what code (better still, how) to call the respective post thumbnail.

Looking forward to your desired assistance.

Am using Greatmag pro. This is what my navigation currently looks like:

Hello there,

I found coding tutorial related to this in this post. You might be interested to implement in your site. I’d strongly recommend you do it with a child theme and don’t touch any single file of main theme. Because all changed files in main theme will be wiped out when theme update.

If you feel that couldn’t accomplish it yourself, you would request us to include it in the future update by telling us in this specific support channel.


Thanks a bunch. You’re a life saver.