Adding text to the header slider area

I’m currently looking to add some random text and graphic to float on top of the Home page slider images. It needs to be placed above the current large slider text.

Ideally they need to be editable and also change with the heading images.

Is there a suitable plug in that will enable this? I am also willing to add the relevant php to the right area too, to create a custom field for the Header Slider area if possible.

Hello RegHollis,

Well, I’m not sure whether there is an easy way to achieve this with default slider, but you can experiment with other sliders.

For example, you can try Crelly Slider. You can check its capabilities here. Sydney Pro theme comes with Crelly Slider support out of the box.

Also you can try Meta Slider, Here are some examples. Here are instructions how to add it to Sydney.

Kind Regards, Roman.

P. S.
Here are some more useful Crelly Slider tips:

Thanks Roman, thats really useful. As I do not have the pro version of the Sydney theme, which file would you suggest I add the php function (e.g <?php crellySlider(‘your_slider_alias’); ?>)

The site currently uses the standard Sydney slider and I’m worries there might be a clash. Would I be safe in assuming that the Pro version of Sydney would actually resolve the whole issue? Thank you!

Hello RegHollis,

I didn’t develop Sydney Pro, so I’m not sure how it was integrated. I don’t think that it’s only one file though because it has Customizer option.

Crelly Slider should work well in Sydney Pro. I can’t even recall someone having significant issues with it. However, unpredictable problems are possible (it’s not about Crelly Slider or Sydney Pro, it’s about software in general), but there is 30-day money back guarantee for that case :slight_smile:

Also please remember about importance of regular full site backups.

Kind Regards, Roman.