Adding text to Moesia Contact Info widget

Hi there,

I’ve noticed that the Moesia demo includes an about text and a google map with recent posts above it, and it’s divided into three columns with the black are stretching all the way. How can I do the same in mine? My site:

One more thing, there’s also a thin, animated blue strip separating the Our Employees and Latest News blocks in the demo. I’d also like to do that. HOw can it be done.

Thanks a mil and sorry for the bother. I know you must be very busy.

All the best,

Hi Ed, please check Moesia documentation.

On your page you changed footer color to white so it is not black :slight_smile: , inside footer you can add widgets to footer A B and C. About us is text widget, second is latest posts widget and below it you can use to display google map, last one is Moesia: Contact info widget (just go to Appearance widgets and it will be clear to you).

Regarding blue background, well you displayed it correctly, just set desired background to it.

Best Regards