Adding terms and conditions/contact/privacy policy to the footer


first, I’d like to apologize for spamming the forum with multiple enquiries.

I’ve been trying to polish my website and there are things that I’d like to change but can’t figure out how.

(Hopefully) one of the few remaining ones. I’d like to add terms and conditions/cantact and privacy policy in the footer. I’ve attempted to do so, but it looks quite odd.

Ideally, I’d like to add it to the very bottom footer (instead of “Proudly powered by WordPress” or at least next to it).

As seen in the attached printscreen:

I’d truly appreciate your help,


Hi Honza,

Thank you for reaching out to us here.

I’d like to help. But, we are sorry, as we always appreciate our users who don’t remove the author credits note in the footer section, nothing we can do.

However, the PRO version of Sydney has an easier option to remove and put custom content in the same section per your screenshot. I’d recommend you to upgrade.

Stay safe.
Have an excellent day :slight_smile:

aThemes Support