Adding Social Media Platform to Social Menu and Accessing Navigation Labels


Creating an actor website and would like to add a logo to the social media bar. How can I do this? Would like to add the IMDb logo for a profile on

Also, is there a way to access the Navigation Labels? I removed a bunch of the social icons from the menus page (Social Menu) and now need to use Google+ - but cannot access it again. Is it as simple as adding a new custom link and adding the “Navigation Label” for Google+? If so what is the navigation label for each social media platform.

Thank you!!


There isn’t an IMDB logo in the icons pack, sorry.

Simply add the link to your client’s Google+ profile and the icon will show up. Not really sure I understand correctly what you’re asking though.

Hi Vlad,

Thanks for the clarification on the Google+…I was able to add this with no problems. In regard to IMDb - is there anyway to add to the icon pack individually for myself? Or if I provided the white logo (which I have), you could upload into the template and provide via an update? This would be huge for us of course and I’m quite sure it might boost future sales for others using as an actor website - especially seeing it in the demo.

Appreciate your time with the support!


What format is your icon? You can probably add it with a bit of custom CSS if you have a png format, but it will need to be the same color as the other icons in your social menu.

Yes…the format is .png already with a size of 1000X1000. I can easily size it down to match the other icons. What dimensions are the current logos in the pack?

I seriously appreciate all of your help support wise for your template - it’s not everyday that someone supplies such fast support options for web templates. I will make sure to provide you with testimonials and excellent reviews!!! Could you possibly help me out with this, as it is really important to the flow of the website. Maybe if you have the time, you could send me instructions on how to add it via custom CSS. Also, do you have an email that I can send the logo file to, incase you also want to add it later to your template. I still think it would do nothing but help for future sales.



What I need you to do:

  • share a link to the page where I can see your social menu;
  • add the link to IMDB in your social menu;
  • upload your logo (resize it first to something like 50x50px) and share the link. Make sure it’s the same color as your other icons.

I have no use with the IMDB logo in png format as the icons used in the theme are actually fonts. I assume the create of the icon pack we’re using will add it eventually.

Okay I resized the image and matched it up best to the icons at full size on the site. I sized it at 124 X 55. It appears the be a good match. The width has to remain to keep the proportions of the image.

The image is uploaded into the media library.

The site link is:

I added the IMDb link to the Social Menu. I also have another Social Menu called “Social Bar Bottom” (which is for a social bar located at the bottom of the page near the footer - but this bar does not need the IMDb link - only the top bar (which is the default Social Menu that came with the template).

I might be confused…by share link - did you mean you need to login? We are using Wordpress.



We are using WordPress
I figured this out myself since you're using a WordPress theme :)

I don’t need to login, I meant I need you to post the direct link to the image that you’ve uploaded in the Media Library.

Also, you say you want IMDB in the top row but you’ve added it in the one near the footer.

LOL! Yes that is quite obvious isn’t it!!!

And I totally messed that up - just added the link to the correct menu…

Not sure which link you needed as there were 2 on the page. Here are both…

File URL:



Okay, install a custom CSS plugin and add this code:

#menu-item-298 a {
  background-image: url('');
  display: block;
  background-size: cover;
  height: 32px;
  width: 80px;
  background-repeat: no-repeat;
  margin-bottom: -5px;

You are the man Vlad! I seriously super appreciate you taking time to help with this!!! It works perfect :slight_smile:

I received an email from Charlie at Athemes with link to create testimonial. I will do this. Please let me know or send me any links to provide feedback or give testimonials and reviews.

Beyond pleased!


Well, I would appreciate a rating here: :slight_smile:
No need to mention the paid version of the theme though.

No problem. Will be doing this in the next couple minutes! Thanks again :slight_smile: