Adding Scroll Arrow to Home Page

Is there any way to add an arrow showing visitors that they have to scroll for Sydney? I chose the full header so when you first open it it covers the entire screen. I would like people to know that they can scroll down.

Link to my site:


I think you can activate the Call-to-action button from customize > header area > Header slider > Call to action button. You can put #primary as URL of the Call to action button. When the button clicked, it will scroll the page down to the first row (service section) of your site


I also want an arrow. But the only thing I accomplished is to create an arrow inside the box.

Here is a link to my page:

  1. Add this code to your custom css editor.

.roll-button.button-slider {

  1. Go to customize–>header area–>header slider—> And in field that says
    " Text for your call to action button"

add this code: &#xf063

IMPORTANT don’t forget to add this symbol ; at the end of the code

Then you should have a arrow in the box.

If you want to a diffrent type of arrow check out more alternatives:

Just copy the grey unicode


Just to clearify!!So there is no confusion

!!!ADD the code in a custom-css plugin or a Sydney child theme to be on the safe side!!!

i got it! Thank you!

You’re welcome. I liked helping out. Yeah, the arrow look awesome! Glad it work out.

:smiley: :smiley:

Hello, am new user of your theme. I’d like the call-to-action button go to a second ou third row and not only the first. I noticed that the URL to the first row is #primary. and for the others ?
Thanks a lot

Hello lucidmood. Try looking these topics. You have to get the element ID for the section/row (you can use chrome google dev --> inspect element to get the elelment ID).

If you have more questions ask again!!

Fantastic ! I’ll come back to show the final result.


Yeah… Add I link to your page! So I can see


Hi! I like the small up arrow that appears at the bottom right of the screen when I scroll down on the Home page to get back to the top. I’d like to have a button like that in the same place but with a down arrow when viewing the slider. Is there code to make that possible? I don’t want a button in the middle of my photos and like the appearance of the bottom right button better.

Could this down button turn into the up button once the screen has scrolled down far enough?

Thanks, Jane