Adding rows and widgets to 'News' page

Is it possible to add rows and widgets to the page we’ve assigned to ‘News’ blog? I want to add text that says, “More news coming soon”, but it doesn’t appear on the page even though I’ve added a widget with it. If no, is there a way to get the same News styling (e.g., list & masonry grid) found in Customizer under ‘Blog options’ on a different page? I know it’s possible to add news to any page, but it doesn’t come with those style options to my knowledge.


You can’t mix rows with the blog posts list.
You can however easily add your text with some jquery code. Can you post a link to your page please? I assume the text needs to show up right before your posts?

I’d love to post a link but we haven’t gone live with it yet. Is it the source code you need?

Yep, text would go right before the first post in the list.

I don’t really need it.

Use this plugin and add this code in it:

jQuery(function($) {
    $('.blog .site-main').prepend('<h3>More news coming soon</h3>');

You can change <h3> to a different heading if you’d like.
Edit: make sure you copy the code from the forums, not from your email notice.

Hm, didn’t work. I’m on Wordpress 4.7.

Not sure what to say without seeing it, but I’m sure the code works.
It will work only on the page you’ve set for your blog posts, like this one for example:

Copy the code again please, you missed j from jQuery

Oh geeze…got it now. Thanks!

Could you please delete the reply post with my website link? I couldn’t find a way to do that. TY.